School & sports news for April 18

Quiz Bowl team ready for ‘It’s Academic’

Panther Quiz Bowl members showed endurance and persistence at the annual U.Va. Cavalier Classic in Charlottesville on Saturday, March 23. The team took four key players and competed in 10 matches throughout the day. is easy to use for Tickets in Winstar Casino, Thackerville for Jennifer Nettles, Alice in Chains, Rodney Carrington, Johnny Rivers at Tickets Winstar Casino also for Eli Young Band, and New Edition.

In their six preliminary morning matches, Rappahannock County High School won two and lost four. Their first match, and first loss of the day, was against the ever-dominant Thomas Jefferson High School. In addition, the Panthers confronted Eastern View, Blacksburg, Hanover, Hidden Valley and Western Albemarle, winning out against Blacksburg and Hanover.

“It was a little discouraging at first,” said coach Dave Naser, “especially going against TJ. But we pulled together, had our lunch break, and got a chance to walk the campus. We were able to get together with Rapp alums Bryn Sonnett and Tessa Crews.”

After lunch, Panthers saw four more matches and won three, defeating Cosby, Hidden Valley and Blacksburg.

“In the afternoon,” Naser said, “we got confidence. Trevor Achilles just came on and started getting all these obscure history and art questions.

“The key to winning,” Naser said, “is getting the toss-up question. If you answer quickly, you get power points. We were able to do that a couple of times. The toss-up gives you the chance for the bonus questions that can add up to 30 points. A lot of times, we were thinking we knew an answer but didn’t buzz in quickly enough. That’s when the other team buzzes in and gets it.”

Panthers took some leads with correct answer to sports questions. “James MacLeod was rockin’ them on British and Scottish history,” Naser said.

The day of endurance was excellent practice for the Panthers’ participation in the upcoming filming of “It’s Academic” in Washington, D.C. The team travels this Saturday, April 20, to the Georgetown area to compete on the television show that will air sometime this summer. “We will be playing Louisa County and Wilson Memorial,” Naser said. “If we can beat them, then we’ll advance to the the Central Virginia Championship round.”

– Melissa Delcour

RCPS Honor Roll

Rappahannock High School

All As 8th Grade: Cristina Arellano, Kimberly Dellinger, Julia Estes, Jacob Love, John Massie, John Norris, Alexandra Polli, John Riedel, Savannah Stevens, Kelsie Strobel, Jessica Thorne and Mary Young.

A-Bs 8th Grade: Claudia Barnes, Carter Boldridge, Kayla Brown, Walter Burke, Taylor Callahan, Glenden Demory, Alan Eisenmann, Sara Garcia, Gabriel Hernandez, Brooke Hines, Devyn Hitt, Aaron James, Jojo McKinney, William Montgomery, Alexander Palmer, Melissa Phillips, Joshua Racer, Justin Ramey, Kayla Robey, Samantha Sisk, Emily Way and Jessica Wimer.

All As 9th Grade: Stephany Baldwin, Hannah Bennett, James Eastham, Kayleigh Flanagan, Elizabeth Hipple, Jackson Jenkins, Nivardo Loya, Evan Marcus, Kelsey Parker, Paige Pilkington, Caryl-Anne Taplin, Andrew Williams and Julia Wood.

A-Bs 9th Grade: Ryan Athelli, Logan Aumock, Laylin Brown, Remington Call, Jake Dooley, David Grove, Jackson Heverly, Austin Huff, Miller Kines, Dillon McLaughlin, Dylan Midkiff, Megan Neibert, Irene Reid, Jonathan Sanders, Jackson Strickler, Allie Wilkerson and Gabrielle Williams.

All As 10th Grade: Kayla Campbell, Madelynn Heneghan, Amanda Pullen, and Jane Purnell.

A-Bs 10th Grade: Brittany Adams, Jordan Atkins, Katherine Baldwin, Caitlin Campbell, Kathryn Fisher, Amanda Frazier, Klaire Gubler, Nathan Hale, Gary Jenkins, Andrew Kopjanski, Caitlynn Lolis, James MacLeod, Emily Massie, Courtney Nichols, Ashley Rhein and Kory Settle.

All As 11th Grade: Shelby Burnett, Victoria Campbell, Rita Cliffton, Amber Dodson, Nicholas Hipple, Shane L’Amoreaux, Davis Sheffield and Michelle White.

A-B’s 11th Grade: Keelee Armor, Bethany Baldwin, Lilian Endre, Charles Estes, Samantha Higgins, Dylan Hitt, Hanna Jenkins, Maddie Kopjanski, Marie Kostens, Stacy Leidenheimer, Nigel McGoughlin, Cassie Meredith, Amber Pullen, Daniel Scholsser and Autumn Shoemaker.

All As 12th Grade: Trevor Achilles, Brittany Dwyer, Matthew James, Lauren Light, Kelsa Settle and Esete Yonas-Yirgu.

A-Bs 12th Grade: Ashley Allen, Peyton Bailey, Matthew Beck, Matthew Berta, Danielle Boutte, Edward Burke IV, Dwight Clatterbuck, Chelsy Costello, Jocelyn Davis, Sarah Davis, Jennifer Dellinger, Tamara Estes, Patrick Foley, Edwin Garcia, Britton Hipple, Zachary Huff, Brian Kelly, Case Kramer, Summer Marks, Lyndie Paul, Caitlyn Smith, Samantha White, Alexandra Williams, Briana Winkworth and Robert Yowell.

Rappahannock Elementary

All As 4th Grade: Alex Deal, Evan Jenkins, Matthew Paratore, Alec Petty, Ethan Sabol, Olivia Scheulen, Liv Shaffer, Rachel Weghorst and Jordan Welch.

A-Bs 4th Grade: Jordyn Beard, Cecilia Clarkson-Johnson, Domenic Del Grosso, Agustin Garcia, Zeke Hanberry, Gabrielle Kurutza, Bryan Leidenheimer, George Light, Samantha Luthi, Sam Marcus, Jenna Robey, Taylor Settle, Lyndi Thornhill, Eve Vandrey, Camron Wayland, Carrington Wayland, Sydney Wharton and Anna Marie Yowell.

All As 5th Grade: Olivia Atkins, Kaycee Barroso, Logan Butler, Kayla Compton, Skylar Culbertson, Catherine Daly, Madyson Dodson, Bevan Forrest, Lauren Petty, Galen Sanborn, Jason Smith, Alivia Tuel, and Henry Wood.

A-Bs 5th Grade: Danielle Adams, Carolyn Chambers, Breda Clough, Julian Cordero, Hannah East, Allison Fertig, Chance Graves, Maddie Harris, Mackenzie Haunold, Sophia Hernandez, Kaylee Hitt, Elijah Johnson, Benjamin Kopjanski, Richard Lillard, Cheyenne McCracken, Anna Milam, Sydney Murphy, Erin Norris, Carly Pullen, Daniel Robinson, Heather Smith, Natalie Way, Philip Wyatt and Donavan Zook.

All As 6th Grade: Sam Barnes, Abigail Berry, Sarah East, Bryce Jones, Amanda Puskar, Josh Sabol, Katie Sharp and Alicia Whorton.

A-Bs 6th Grade: Esteban Arellano, Kerrie Baker, Mackensie Clark, Serenity Cortez, Anthony Del Grosso, Chad Ellis, Danielle Fryant, Nicholas Hale, Zion Hanberry, Savannah Hensley, Stacy Kimble, Ryann Luthi, Brett Midkiff, Paige Miller, Macy Montgomery, Malcolm O’Malley, Heather Pearson, Andrew Sealock, Haleigh Shaffer, Wynnie Thompson, Nancy Weghorst and Hailey Whorton.

All As 7th Grade: Juan Arellano, Brooke Athelli, Cydney Chambers, Connor Culbertson, Bridget Daly, Elizabeth Fisher, Morgan Flanagan, Joe Gold, Caragh Heverly, Trey Jenkins, Mikayla Johnson, Davin Kines, Jacob Sheffield, Virginia Wyatt, Tatyana Yates and Mahlet Yonas-Yirgu.

A-Bs 7th Grade: Callie Alther, Ryan Atkins, Katie Bailey, Ashlyn Connely, Michael Czekaj, Catherine Deane, Melanie Flores, Charles Gubler, Hunter Nicodemus, Jackson Norris, Dylan Phillips, Gregory Pullen, Jake Sisk, Amber Smoot and Haley Streightiff.

Wakefield excels in National Latin Exam

Wakefield Country Day School’s students did extremely well in the 2013 National Latin Exam. Competing at all five levels of the test, 50 of the 73 students who took the test beat the national average and earned prizes.

In Latin IV, juniors Alex Foster and Emily Hennessy earned Cum Laude certificates. In Latin III, sophomores Madison Romine and Jessica Leskovec garnered Magna Cum Laude certificates, while Ashlyn Ramey, Karis Tschopp and Anna Clark won Cum Laude certificates.

In Latin II, freshmen Carolina Leonard, Megan Kelley, Monica Marciano and Rebecca Paulisch all earned gold medals and Summa Cum Laude certificates; Gabriel Cancio-Bello, Aaron Corbett and Rahmet Rahimi won silver medals and Maxima Cum Laude certificates; Abe Nolan, Brier Clough, Brendan Martyn and Mollie Miller garnered Magna Cum Laude certificates; and Kendall Carroll earned a Cum Laude Certificate.

In Latin I, Harrison Wells and Tanner Perry earned gold medals and Summa Cum Laude certificates; Gage Landis, Shane Glennon, Nick Leskovec, Campbell Baker, Anne-Katherine Burns, Kate Zilke and Sydnei Eachus won silver medals and Maxima Cum Laude certificates; Dante Parker, Tatumn Vaught and Brianna Rodriguez earned Magna Cum Laude certificates; and Lucas Dumez and Fred Wang won Cum Laude certificates.

In Introduction to Latin, four seventh graders – Andrew Kwolek, Bernie Cieplak, Douglas Griffin and Zoe Porterfield – had perfect papers. Additionally, Chris O’Heir, Tony Elar, Jackson Romine, Connor Poe, Connor Glennon, Harmony Lindstrom, Owen Youngquist and Tyler Johnson earned Outstanding Achievement certificates; and Landon Thede, Nile Patel, Grayson Galeone and Cooper Guiffre won Achievement certificates.

Sowing seeds, planting trees

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

The sixth-grade class at Wakefield Country Day School recently planted 1,000 shortleaf pine trees on neighboring Windsor Farm in Huntly as part of a service field trip the class conducts every year. The seedlings are donated or purchased by the sixth grader with funds from their fundraising efforts. The class is led by teachers Margaret DiDomenico and Jeff Perry.

Wakefield sports update

Varsity Girls’ Soccer: The Wakefield Country Day School Lady Owls traveled to Middleburg Academy for a non-conference game on April 8. Though the teams were tied at halftime, the Owls netted three second-half goals for a final of 3-0. Alex Cancio-Bello scored two and Julia Weir scored the third.

The Lady Owls then hosted Shenandoah Valley Christian Academy in a non-conference game on April 9. The Patriots scored two goals in the first 14 minutes of the game and while Cancio-Bello lifted a ball over the Patriots’ keeper’s head, SVCA won 6-1.

The Lady Owls hosted Randolph-Macon Academy for a Delaney Athletic Conference game on April 11. The girls played a very good defensive game, but, despite solid shot opportunities, were unable to net a goal. The Jackets scored at the tail end of each half and won the game, 2-0. The Owls’ record is 0-2 in the DAC and 2-3 overall.

Varsity Tennis: The Owls traveled to Randolph-Macon Academy for a match on April 11, losing the team match to the experienced Yellow Jackets 7-2. Aaron Corbett lost a close match at number four singles 8-6, while Maeve Dale won the number five singles easily 8-1. The other match win came when Aaron Corbett and Allen Zeng won the number two doubles 8-0. Their record is 1-2 on the season.

Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse: The Owls traveled to Trinity at Meadow View School on April 5, taking an early lead off Sam Nolan’s goal. Trinity then quickly overpowered the boys, scoring six goals in the first quarter and leading 9-1 at halftime. The boys regrouped in the third, with Shane Glennon and Nolan both scoring goals, and then rallied in the fourth, with Glennon completing a hat trick by scoring three more times and Connor O’Heir scoring once. The boys outscored Trinity six to five in the second half but lost the game 14-7. Sophomore goalie Chris Payne was busy and walked away with 25 saves.

The Owls traveled to Randolph-Macon Academy for a DAC game on April 11. The boys were dominated early in the game, with the Jackets scoring four goals in the first quarter and three more in the second. The Jackets continued to succeed on both ends, leading to another goal in the third quarter and two in the final one. The boys finally got on the scoreboard in the fourth when Glennon scored off an assist from Joseph Dowell. The result was a 10-1 DAC loss. Their record is 1-1 in the DAC and 1-3 overall.

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